Why Join?

Because food is personal.

Because together we can build a better food system. 

Because it is time for a grocery store that serves the needs of consumers.

Because it's your food, your store, and your community!

As an owner, you can have a direct say in the store and are empowered to actively participate in building the store.  The voices, values, hands, and hearts of our members will shape the Urban Greens Market.

Co-ops benefit both the individual member-owners and the broader community: 

  • Members get to have a direct say the food they’re eating, and the store they shop at, as well as financial benefits in the form of member sales, bulk ordering, and patronage dividends.
  • The community benefits because more dollars are kept in the community as opposed to going to central offices of a chain store, and the co-op will be buying directly from local farmers, creating more affordable, healthier, and tastier food options. 

A food co-op is an important resource for the entire city and state because our community needs a grocery store that will help support local farms and producers. In addition, a co-op will address the lack of access to affordable healthy food in west and south Providence.

Beyond the good you do your community by becoming a member, members enjoy special benefits.

Current Member Benefits:

  • Support local and sustainable food production - keep your food dollars in your own community
  • Member Made Food Demo discounts
  • Access to the Urban Greens Buying Club
  • Vote on major initiatives and board elections
  • Opportunity to shape the food purchasing policies for the store

Additional Benefits once the market is open:

  • Access to healthy organic food at reasonable prices
  • Special member-only sales
  • Option to buy food by the case (really cheap!)
  • Option to volunteer in the store to get even more discounts
  • Vote on how the profits from the store are used, (dividends to members, community projects, bonuses to employees, etc).

When you join Urban Greens Food Co-op, you become a vital part of a great Rhode Island project! We are building a  grocery store that is (and always will be) owned by its customers.  A consumer-owned cooperative grocery store is invested literally and figuratively in the physical, economic & social health of the people who shop at it.  Urban Greens will help meet the food needs of the surrounding community and will support  food producers and farms across Rhode Island.


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