Why I Joined: Testimonials from Founding Members

A co-op grocery store will reflect the needs of a diverse West Side community in a way not possible from a massive, chain supermarket.

-Harry Siple, member #270

We feed scratch to the chickens,
who pay us with eggs from their coop.
We pack the eggs in cartons to be delivered
Safe and clean--without a scratch--
To our co-op. Nestled in the fridge, waiting
to be scooped up and traded fairly,
to save the co-op shoppers some scratch,
and help us farmers earn a little scratch,
Some of which, of course,
we feed to the chickens.

- Matt Tracy, member #14

I think any of us who have lived somewhere that has a co-op really miss not having one in Providence. The extra great thing about Urban Greens is the idea of transforming a food desert in Providence into a thriving community center of locally sourced food and products that contribute to the health of the neighborhood and our city.

-Tracy Miller, member #389

I've been excited about Urban Greens Food Co-op for some time, and when I learned that joining could help make it happen, I joined right away! -Philip Trevvett, member #253