Local Economy

The co-op will help create jobs for local food producers, farmers and staff.  Profits from the co-op will go back to member-owners, remaining in the community and further strengthening the local economy.

Community owned businesses strengthen and support local economies in a way that national retail chains do not, by keeping a higher percentage of every dollar spent within the community.  More of every dollar spent in a consumer co-op stays in the local economy, because there are no shareholders or headquarters located far away, drawing on the profits.  Keeping money circulating nearby allows that money to be reinvested locally, both by the store AND the member-owners.

By promoting and providing locally produced goods in a large scale retail operation, Urban Greens will also be helping to expand the market for locally produced and grown goods to new customers, and will also make them available to existing buyers of local goods on a more consistent basis.  In both cases, this helps to expand the market for locally produced items, and helps to significantly grow the local agricultural economy.