Local Producers

Supporting local agriculture is one aspect of responsible stewardship of the planet’s resources. The co-op will support the local food system by offering a consistent retail outlet for local producers.

As a regular and large scale buyer of local goods, Urban Greens will be able to work directly with farms, establishing orders that will ensure stable and guaranteed sources of revenue for producers--thereby taking some of the burden of direct retailing off of farmers, allowing them to focus on production.  Urban Greens also recognizes that not all farms operate at the same size and scale, and it is committed to sourcing from both small and large scale farms. The local and independent ownership model of a co-op means that Urban Greens will also have the flexibility to source from our region’s many small farms and producers.

Urban Greens also is invested in buying and selling culturally appropriate goods, which will help meet the needs of the diverse cultures represented in our city and our state.   We will work with farmers to communicate when there is a need for products that are not currently in high production. This will provide new opportunities for current farmers, as well as increase the opportunities for new farmers in the area.

Urban Greens is committed to maintaining strong relationships with local farmers, and is already a member of the Neighboring Food Co-ops Association, a partner organization of the New England Farmers Union.


Current Related News:

Urban Greens recently attended the board meeting for NOFA-RI (Northeast Organic Farmers Association-Rhode Island chapter), to talk about how we can work with farmers, and how wholesale purchasing can supplement current farmers market revenue.

Urban Greens will be planning farmer summits in the coming months to further these discussions.  If you're interested in learning more or taking part, send us an email!