Community Involvement

Urban Greens will seek to be an engaged member of the neighborhood, the city, and the state.  The co-op will actively engage with local residents, community groups and leaders, to learn about the food needs of different communities, and work to build a healthy food system can that help meet those needs.  

The health of our communities and our food systems depends on informed consumers.  The Co-op will seek to inform its customers and member-owners within the store, and also to reach out to foster dialogue in the greater community about where our food comes from, and the choices we make as consumers.

 Current efforts include:

  • Organizing community forums to hear about community food needs, and lead discussions about our food system
  • Organizing educational events focused on promoting healthy diets, and real, local and sustainably produced foods
  • Holding nutrition and cooking classes that highlight locally available ingredients and healthy options.
  • Seeking collaboration and building partnerships with neighbors, community members, local community groups, small businesses, non-profits, members and non-members