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Thank You, Delia!

Since 2013, Project Manager Delia Kovac has worked with the Urban Greens Cooperative Council to serve the membership, improve infrastructure, invigorate outreach, and manage communications.  She has signed up hundreds of members and organized countless events. As the summer ended, Delia ended her term with the co-op to begin an exciting new opportunity as the Assistant Director of Development for Sophia Academy, a nondenominational, independent middle school for girls in grades 5-8 from low income homes in Providence.

This comes as Urban Greens moves towards the next stage in our staffing development by preparing to hire a General Manager.  As we work towards the final agreement on the site and secure financing, it becomes crucial to have an experienced retail grocery manager involved in the myriad of decisions that need to be made.  We are currently in the process of posting the position, our goal is to complete the hiring process by early spring.  For Co-op start-ups, general managers are typically hired 9-12 months prior to opening. That makes this position a clear priority for us as we continue to make progress and forge ahead.

We wish Delia well on her new adventure and can't wait to hear about all the great things she'll no doubt accomplish!  Thank you, Delia, for all your service to the Co-op!

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A Look Ahead

Greetings co-op and community members!

It's been awhile since we've given a project update. Sometimes we get overly bogged down in the nitty-gritty, forgetting to come up for air, and even our monthly newsletters are focused only on the details. However, we realize it's important to pause, breathe, and let you know what's happening. We are committed to providing you with more regular communications regarding overall progress so that you're kept in the loop of everything that's going on.

This summer was filled to the brim.  As many of you know, we began working with a developer on our primary site, located on the west side of Providence.  We began the year working on an initial Letter of Intent (LOI) that was signed and agreed upon in March, but it did not include any language around site announcement.  As we continued to meet with the developer, we quickly realized that our relationship was outgrowing that initial LOI and we both agreed to draft a new one. Following this agreement, we will finally be able to announce our location!

In addition to developer negotiations, we've been working with our top vendors to build relationships early and outline buying agreements for when we open.  It's exciting to speak with the people who will help us outfit the store with products tailored to our customers.  They're just as excited as we are to see the project move forward.

Finally, the biggest ticket item we've been working on this year is financing. We've held several meetings with the Cooperative Fund of New England, an institutional lender who specifically lends to co-ops.  They are thrilled to be working with us as our main lender.  Our goal is to apply for financing in early 2016.  The second stream of capital will come in the form of a Member Loan Program / Direct Public Offering. This will be a key way for member-owners to participate in the next steps of opening the co-op's doors. We've contracted with a leading financial strategist, Cutting Edge Capital, to help draw up the legal documentation for this program. We're about halfway through the process, which will continue through the remainder of the year.

Other things we're working on: General Manager Hiring program, overall store programming, development logistics, organizational infrastructure, and many many other things.

With all that said, there's a ton of work ahead for us.  Now is certainly the most exciting time to get involved.  There is no part too small, so if you're interested in learning about ways to pitch in, send us an email or attend a monthly council meeting.  There is also a link further down to fill out a volunteer questionnaire.

Hope to see you around! Go Co-op!

-Corey Auger
Council Chairperson

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10/20 Knife Skills Demo

Cutting Carrots

Urban Greens Food Co-op members Chef Norbert Klotz and Chef Deb Fernandez of My Chef Lara will guide participants in finding the correct grip and proper positioning for the best cuts, and explain fundamental cuts to increase speed and ensure consistency. Participants will learn how to cut onions and other vegetables most effectively, as well as precise cuts such as julienne and brunoise.

Participants are asked to bring a 6”, 8” or 10” chef knife if they have one, otherwise one will be provided.

*Class size is limited to 10 and registration is required.


Urban Greens Member-Made Food Demo: Knife Skills Class

with Chef Norbert and Chef Deb of My Chef Lara


Tuesday, October 20, 2015

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7/9 LOCAL GREEN: Meet & Greet at Ogie's

Urban Greens Food Co-op Hosts: 

LOCAL GREEN: Meet & Greet

6 -  9 PM

at Ogie’s Bar and Restaurant 

1155 Westminster St, Providence, RI 02909



The LOCAL GREEN: Meet and Greet will highlight Ogie’s devotion to local ingredients. Ogie’s is known for their gourmet comfort food. Their menu features: tater tots, mac and cheese croquettes, burgers and Rhody fried chicken sandwiches, and Ogie’s special spicy sauce. They also have vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free selections like chili, veggie burgers and grilled peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

At the LOCAL GREEN: Meet and Greet there will be specials featuring local food.




Open to all.



For more information please visit the facebook event page 


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6/13 - Fermented Soda: Member Made Demo

Member Made Demo: Ginger Bug Soda

Saturday June 13th, 2015

2:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Westfield Lofts Community Room

230 Dexter Street, Entrance on Westfield Street.

 FREE for Urban Greens Food Co-op Members

$5.00 for the general public

Limited to 15

Registration Required.

To register please visit:

Urban Greens Member Jena Gaines will share her knowledge of fermenting natural soda at the Westfield Lofts Community Room on Saturday June 13th. Jena will bring samples of (non-alcoholic) ginger beer and demonstrate how to make and bottle a small batch. Participants can take home a small ginger bug (about 2-3 tablespoons) to create their own soda so should bring a container with a lid or a little Ziploc bag. A ginger bug is a culture of beneficial bacteria made from fresh ginger root, filtered water and sugar. It is similar to a sourdough starter for bread or a scoby for making kombucha. The ginger imparts its flavor and naturally ferments, creating a mixture of beneficial probiotic bacteria. Ginger is an anti-inflammatory and aids digestion and circulation. The ginger bug is the base for many homemade sodas and tonics. We use it to make ginger ale, fruit “sodas” and more. 

Past Member Made Food Demos have shared how to make yogurt, granola, sauerkraut, kale chips, and more. Member Made Demos are held in members’ homes or community spaces and aim to share skills from Urban Greens members to Rhode Islanders.  The Member Made Demos reflect the cooperative spirit driving Urban Greens to open a community-owned store. Open to both Urban Greens members and the Rhode Island community, this member-led workshop hopes to inspire healthy, affordable, empowering options in a fun, cooperative atmosphere.  


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