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Early Spring 2014 New Member Drawings

New members, and Current members eligible for prizes from local businesses!

Local businesses are showing their support for Urban Greens Food Co-op by donating gift certificates for a prize drawing. We are having a huge serge of membership. We currently have over 550 shares sold.

Reaching 600 members will allow Urban Greens Food Co-op keep that momentum growing.  

We are very grateful for the generosity of the local business community. There are three ways to be entered into the raffle:

  1. Become a member. New members who sign-up and make their first installment payment or pay for their entire share between January 2014 till the end of our 600 Member Drive will be entered into the Drawing. Join Online.
  2. Make a payment on an existing membership. Any current member owners with an existing balance who makes a payment of 40 dollars for a full share or 10 dollars for a low-income share between January 2014 till the end of our 600 Member Drive will be entered into the Drawing. 
  3. Refer a Friend. Any Member who refers a friend to become a member between January 2014 till the end of our 600 Member Drive will be entered into the Drawing.

Join now, and you'll stay entered in our future raffles until you win!

Here are some highlights of donated raffle items.

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Local Professional Chefs Create recipes tackling some of the more obscure produce you might find in your CSA.

No matter your devotion to eating local and supporting Rhode Island's smaller farmers, if you don't know how to use a veggie it is doomed for the compost. To help with this all too common problem, we have asked some local chefs to create recipes that tackle your CSA mysteries. Our CSA Sleuths are fabulous personal chefs and Urban Greens Members.



Beetroot, Ginger and Garlic Soup from Norbert & Lara of MyChefLara, LLC

Beef Borscht from Norbert & Lara of MyChefLara, LLC

Roasted Beet and Goat Cheese Salad BY Chef Deb Fernandez of Home Star Cuisine, LLC


To be honest, I avoided beets for most of my life.  It was not until I traveled to Russia and had Borscht that I started to realize how fabulous this vegetable was.  I am now in love. Not only do they taste great, they are versatile and the color – fabulous!  You have to be careful though – when cooking with beets – the juice of the beets stains everything.  Beets were used to die fabrics for many years.

Another issue with beets that keeps people away from them is that peeling a beet looks like a challenge. Actually it is very easy – just not how you would normally approach it.  The best way to peel a beet is to roast it covered in a little bit of oil in a 350 degree oven for about 15 minutes or so until the skin starts to wrinkle.  Put the hot beets inside a plastic or brown paper bag and let sit for about 10 minutes – allowing them to steam.  Using a paper towel or the bag it steamed in peel the skins away from the beets. This is the same way you would peel roasted peppers. Again, just be careful because the beets will stain anything they come in contact with. If you peel the beets with your hands then I recommend wearing gloves since they will stain your skin.

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2014 Swag Survey


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Member Friendly Bylaws

What You Need to Know About Membership


Are there rules governing the co-op?

The Bylaws of Urban Greens lay out the rules that govern the co-op. We encourage all members to carefully read and familiarize themselves with the Bylaws. The Bylaws are a living document, meant to reflect the needs of our cooperative. Should you have any questions or suggestions for changes, please let us know. Below is a summary of some of the key points members should know. We do not intend for this to replace your reading of the Bylaws, but instead it should be a helpful reference that can point you to specific portions of the Bylaws for further 


Membership Eligibility, Rights and Responsibilities


Who is eligible to become a member? (Section 2.1) 

Any individual, household, or organization that wants to utilize the services of the Co-op and accept the responsibilities of ownership is eligible to become a member.


How do you become a member? (Section 2.1) 

All that is required is to fill out an application and purchase a share. That’s it! The price per share differs, depending on your income. The co-op can work with you to create payment plans. Upon your first payment, you become a member.


After becoming a member, what are your rights and responsibilities as a member of Urban Greens? (Sections 2.2 & 2.3)

You have the right to buy groceries and produce from the co-op. Members also have the right to work for the co-op and possibly earn discounts on purchases. This right to work may be limited by the onset of other responsibilities, such as becoming a Council Member or an Officer.

Members have the right to elect members to the council, the leadership body of the co-op. Members have the power to amend the by-laws and call meetings to vote on any business. Members are responsible for keeping up with payments, if you are paying for your membership through a payment plan. Members are also responsible for buying from the co-op, at least occasionally. Members must notify the co-op of any changes in one’s name and/or address.


What types of meetings are members entitled to attend? (Sections 3.1 & 3.2)

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2013 Annual Meeting Notes


2013 Annual Meeting Notes


  • Featured guest speaker: Hope Kelley, Equal Exchange

    • A worker/owner of Equal Exchange

    • Everyone who works there also invests in it


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