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Always perfect boiled eggs

I love eggs. Eggs have been in the diet of many cultures for centuries. Eggs are a great source of protein, but there has been a common belief that eggs raise cholesterol levels. However, there is research showing that less than 25% of cholesterol in the human body is made from fats, and 75% is made from sugar and carbohydrates. Other research shows that eggs do not raise LDL (bad cholesterol) for many. There is much controversy over eggs, but it is quite possible that eggs might not hurt you as much as we are made to believe. Japanese people for example have a much lower rate of Coronary Heart Disease than Americans, yet they typically consume an average of 2-3 eggs a day. Of course, we must take into account also that there are some people who are specifically told by their physician to avoid them.


If, like me, you are in the pro-egg group, we are very fortunate that fresh eggs directly from the local farms are easily available here in the state of Rhode Island. Below is a method for making perfect boiled eggs. Boiled eggs are one of the best ways to enjoy fresh eggs. Protein rich eggs can be a perfect breakfast food too.


The instructions below are adapted from Cooks Illustrated magazine. It is the quickest and most economical way, since it uses very little water, and so takes less time on the stove. The cooking time depends on the size of the eggs, how many you boil, and of course, how hard you like it to be. After you do a few trials, you’ll always have the perfect egg using this method :)


To cook 4 large-sized eggs the quick way


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Natural DIY Toothpaste Recipe

Many of the health-conscious member-owners at Urban Greens care about what personal products they use. You might read the ingredients very carefully before buying a product. I’m one of you too. Although I try to pick better products as much as possible, there are still things in ingredient lists on many products that I don’t know . That’s why I started  making my own personal care products. I posted an “environmentally friendly  pesticide” recipe in an earlier post that I strongly encourage you to try. Today, I would like to introduce you to a toothpaste recipe that my husband and I use and love.


Base Ingredients:

1 unit Calcium powder

1 unit  Baking soda

about 1 - 1.5 units Coconut oil

Food grade essential oil of your choice (I like a mint and orange combo)


Optional ingredients: 

1 unit Xylitol (if you want to add sweetness to the base recipe)


How to make it:

Mix the powder ingredients in a bowl and add the coconut oil until it gets to the desired consistency, then add essential oils.


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From the Urbangreens board meeting (6/21/17)

This week I had the privilege to be at the Urbangreens board meeting that is held every Wednesday night. I think I'm among the few who has been to a board meeting without being a board member, so I would like to write about it today. I believe many of us non-board members want to know what they are up to, especially in this time before the opening of the new market. Let me remind you that board meetings are open to everyone. You can see the schedule at


At the meeting, I learned that our co-op now has almost 800 members, who are not only in Providence, but also from throughout the state! This number even before the opening of the market is encouraging. I can see the expectations are high!  I will list some of the things they discussed below.


• Finance

• How to approach the groundbreaking of the store (hint: it will involve food)

• Deep discussion on the new logo and branding

• GM governance policies

• and so on!


Even though they still can't say for sure when the exact date will be for the opening of the market (because so much permitting, construction and logistics are involved), the board members are definitely moving things forward. We’ll be hearing about the groundbreaking of the market in no time!


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Environmentally Friendly Pesticide for Your Garden


Safer and cheaper DYI alternative to commercial pesticides




The weather is finally good and it’s time for home gardener’s to get to work! I see every hardware store featuring pesticides for home gardeners, but I believe that I’m not the only one who is concerned about the long-term environmental effect of using commercial pesticides (Glyphosate). I did a lot of research on DYI alternatives for Glyphosate-based pesticides and found a few variations of a vinegar based DYI product. After trying a few different kinds (and even trying Glyphosate-based pesticide against my will for research purposes!), I’m convinced that the environmentally friendly and all-natural solution works not only as good but even better. Here is the recipe I would like to share.



1/2 gallon White Distilled Vinegar

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UG Member Meeting Vote Details

Vote Details


Council Member Elections

The  council is nominating 5 current council members whose terms are up for re-election to the cooperative council, as well as nominating 1 new member to serve on the council:


  • Antonieta Falconi (current council Secretary)

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