Mayor Elorza Joins Urban Greens!

As we all know, the groundbreaking for the up-coming Urban Greens Food co-op was held last week at the site where the store will be built. I would like to write about the event today for the member-owners, and soon to be members who couldn’t be there, to let you all know what’s happening at Urban Greens.


It was a well attended celebration. All kinds of people from different backgrounds and all ages were there. It was a representation of who our food co-op is and will be. Some of the member-owners had the pleasure of meeting Janiqua Jackson, our general manager of the up-coming market for the first time! We had the Mayor of Providence, Mr. Elorza as one of the speakers as well. In fact, our new general manager Janiqua successfully recruited Mayor Elorza to join Urban Greens! Great work Janiqua! :)


Many die-hard native Rhode Islanders might already know about this, but I learned at the event that the new store site (93 Cranston St) had long been a contaminated lot. It took a huge effort with hundreds of people involved to clean the site up. Now, it is all completed and it will be used as our new store where people can interact to create a community. It is a win-win situation, and indeed a groundbreaking event for both us and the city.


I saw more people signed up, followed by Mayor Elorza at the event. I felt a great future for Urban Greens ahead of us. Thank you so much for the businesses and organizations who donated food, equipment and their time to the success of the event. Thank you as well to the council members who volunteered to spend hours of their precious time organizing the event! 






- Toyoko Schieferdecker - volunteer blogger, member-owner