From the Urbangreens board meeting (6/21/17)

This week I had the privilege to be at the Urbangreens board meeting that is held every Wednesday night. I think I'm among the few who has been to a board meeting without being a board member, so I would like to write about it today. I believe many of us non-board members want to know what they are up to, especially in this time before the opening of the new market. Let me remind you that board meetings are open to everyone. You can see the schedule at


At the meeting, I learned that our co-op now has almost 800 members, who are not only in Providence, but also from throughout the state! This number even before the opening of the market is encouraging. I can see the expectations are high!  I will list some of the things they discussed below.


• Finance

• How to approach the groundbreaking of the store (hint: it will involve food)

• Deep discussion on the new logo and branding

• GM governance policies

• and so on!


Even though they still can't say for sure when the exact date will be for the opening of the market (because so much permitting, construction and logistics are involved), the board members are definitely moving things forward. We’ll be hearing about the groundbreaking of the market in no time!


By the way, I was impressed by the quantity and quality of the feedback that came out of the new logo design. We are an arts capital after all! :)


At last, I will encourage you to stop by at the Urbangreens table at the World Refugee Day event this Saturday. It is being held from 12-4pm tomorrow, Saturday, June 24th at Providence’s Burnside Park (40 Kennedy Plaza). As we all know, every single board member is a volunteer who is spending so much of their own precious time to make this organization work. I'm sure they will be happy to hear from you :)


- Toyoko Schieferdecker - member owner