Natural DIY Toothpaste Recipe

Many of the health-conscious member-owners at Urban Greens care about what personal products they use. You might read the ingredients very carefully before buying a product. I’m one of you too. Although I try to pick better products as much as possible, there are still things in ingredient lists on many products that I don’t know . That’s why I started  making my own personal care products. I posted an “environmentally friendly  pesticide” recipe in an earlier post that I strongly encourage you to try. Today, I would like to introduce you to a toothpaste recipe that my husband and I use and love.


Base Ingredients:

1 unit Calcium powder

1 unit  Baking soda

about 1 - 1.5 units Coconut oil

Food grade essential oil of your choice (I like a mint and orange combo)


Optional ingredients: 

1 unit Xylitol (if you want to add sweetness to the base recipe)


How to make it:

Mix the powder ingredients in a bowl and add the coconut oil until it gets to the desired consistency, then add essential oils.



Units can be tablespoons, teaspoons or cups, depending on how much you would like to make. You can pick the amount you like and keep the ratio. We make 2 jars of toothpaste for each of us and dip our bamboo toothbrush directly into the jar. I have seen a recipe that uses only baking soda and coconut oil (1:1) which ingredients you might already have at home. Xylitol to add sweetness is optional, in case you didn’t like the taste of the base ingredients alone. I use 25-30 drops of essential oil for about 6 tbs of the rest of the ingredients. By the way, among these ingredients, you can buy Hearth Club baking soda and La Tourangelle coconut oil at the buying club :)




-Toyoko Schieferdecker - member-owner