We Stand Committed to Inclusion

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Our Commitment to You, Our Community

Next year, Urban Greens will open a grocery store that will provide healthy and local foods to everyone, and will welcome people from all backgrounds and families of all types.

Urban Greens will be so much more than just a grocery store.

We are creating a shared space, where people will shop and also share—from simple greetings, to cultural heritages reflected in food and cooking demos, to the actual store ownership.

It's become clearer than ever that we need shared spaces like Urban Greens, where folks from all backgrounds are both welcomed and included—through our offerings, community events, hiring practices, and through the dialogues we help promote.

A community business like Urban Greens, is critical to creating a local economy and a local food system, that is equitable to everyone.

Rhode Island needs spaces that are frequented by a diversity of customers, that are owned by residents of all backgrounds, and that foster a community that embraces difference.

We need you to help make this a reality.

Now more than ever, we need you to get involved: volunteer your time or a skill, become a member-owner if you haven't done so already, and consider making an investment—help ensure Urban Greens becomes both a thriving community-owned grocery store and a shared space dedicated to serving community members like you.