What is Urban Greens?

Urban Greens Food Co-op is a consumer-owned cooperative working to open a full-scale retail grocery store in Providence, RI.   The store will provide and promote healthy, affordable, sustainably-sourced, and local food options.


When you join Urban Greens Food Co-op, you become a vital part of a great Rhode Island project! We are building a  grocery store that is (and always will be) owned by its customers.  A consumer-owned cooperative grocery store is invested literally and figuratively in the physical, economic & social health of the people who shop at it.  Urban Greens will help meet the food needs of the surrounding community and will support  food producers and farms across Rhode Island.

As an owner, you can have a direct say in the store by expressing your specific food needs and values,  and you are empowered to help guide and build the store through active participation.  The voices, hands and hearts of our members will define what the Urban Greens store will be!

The reason it’s important to join NOW is that the sooner we reach our goal for founding members, the sooner our community store will open: as a cooperatively owned business, there is no single individual or private company launching things -- we need founding members (YOU!) to raise equity and be able to open the doors! 


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